Our attractive and modern icon serves as a silent salesperson for products that are free of the ingredient high fructose corn syrup. Our icon's design is a single color that doesn't interfere with or annoy the customer while conveying the heart healthy aspect of the product that it is positioned at. Use our icon for any product that does not contain high fructose corn syrup to increase sales of existing products, introduce new products, draw attention to craft products and to divert low profit products containing high fructose corn syrup sales to a premium product sale.

The simple placement of our icon on your store shelves in front of products that are free of high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient will result in increased sales of that item by 28% to 34%. Imagine this increase across your entire market offerings, all while making shopping easier for your customes and developing a stronger loyalty to your market name.

Vendors may have POP display materials that they will provide for free use on market shelves. Although free, they provide no mechanism for market control of which product is promoted and use of vendor display or shelf markings will do nothing to inform your customers of the products ingredient content. These market methods only serve to upsell an individual vendors single item and confuse the customers as they navigate your aisles scattered with a multitude of different tags and displays.

When placed throughout your market, our "shelf talker" icon informs and attracts cusomers to the high fructose corn syrup free products that you choose to promote. Customers see this as an effort to inform the consumer of an item that health conscious customers may be interested in.

Facing the facts, all customers should be considered health conscious, yet affordability becomes a factor in product selection. Markets may use our icon to draw attention to product sell conversions as well as attention to comparably priced store brand items. Drawing customer attention to store brands incresases profitablity due to larger profit margins available in store brand or value brand items. Loyalty to your stores brand and your store is increases throught this simple placement as a courtesty to all of your customers.

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Our market data collected reveals that an impressive 97% of our survey respondents indicated that they find our HFCSFREE icon "appealing and attractive". Further questioning indicated that 74% would be "more likely to select a product with our icon on the shelf" otherwise selecting a product based solely upon price point, some marking this response as STRONGLY.

Our survey presented a description of the process of production of high fructose corn syrup toward the close and asked if the description of the process changed the opinion regarding the product. After reading this statement 28% of respondents indicated that they had an increased desire to see uniform identification of products that are free of high fructose corn syrup such as through the POP display of our icon.

We include these notable comments from survey respondents regarding our icon and its use on market sheves made after our brief statement "it will save me time when looking at labels", "If I see the icon it will draw my attention to a product that I will most likely purchase" among other positive remarks.


Our market research indicated that 72% of respondents had a loyalty to their regular market, with 58% indicating it was solely due to location and 12% of those indicating it was the only market in town. Additionally, 88% indicated that their supermarket makes efforts to provide a variety of product selections for each product group yet a mere 12% believe that their market makes efforts to inform them of ingredients, health benefits and provide other information to assist in product selections.

Our survey queried "Do you believe that you would have a stronger loyalty to your market if they implemented the display of the HFCSFREE icon on their shelf labeling?" This question was positioned as the last question in the survey with 62% responding in a positive manner and 24% as neutral with a mere 14% responding as no effect.


According to one study at Brigham Young University, some 70 percent of retail purchases aren't decided until the customer actually is in the store, it's clear what impact something as simple as a POP display in the form of our shelf tag icon can have on product selection. The proof is in the results and we invite you to conduct your own trials, in your markets, with our icon, on us.

Grocers who wish to try our icon on a limited basis may arrange to conduct their own in store market reasearch or trials at no cost. All that we ask is that these tests be conducted over several different market locations and that your test data be shared with us. Contact us to begin an in store trial or licensing.

Beyond your royalty free trial period grocers may license our icon to use at point of selection shelf tag or other locations. Due to a variation of in store uses we do not provide printed labels or tags. We license the use of our icon for in store use on a start up license fee plus basis. The standard start up fee is $300.00 per grocer location plus $20.00 per store location on a monthly continued license. This montly licensing fee covers use on any and all product positions in a single store, without quantity limitations. Grocers may use our icon in one or all of their locations by establishing a location with the initial start up fee with continued licensing being billed monthly.

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Our heart healthy icons serve as a positive identifier for products that do not contain the sweetener High Fructose Corn Syrup. Many physicians, health experts, food scientists believe that High Fructose Corn Syrup has negative health impacts including severe weight gain. Our market survey data indicates that 68% of our respondents believe that high fructose corn syrup is the number one cause of the obesity epidemic in America, with one respondent noting "I already knew it was a chemical process that is scary and probably will eventually be against the law and discover its cancer causing one day".

Further research by Brigham Young University found that displays with signs outperformed displays without signs by 20 percent. That means that sales of the items with signs were 20 percent higher than the sales of the times without signs. Further results Even more incredible was the fact that regular priced merchandise (not on sale) outperformed sale or clearance priced merchandise by 18 percent when it was signed and the sale items were not. Simply put, signs as a POP display draw attention to the items. And when the customer takes notice, they tend to buy.

In our market survey we queried resondents "Do you feel that your supermarkets make appropriate efforts to make ingredient identification of products that they stock on their shelves easily accessible and identifiable?". An overwhelming 80% responded no. Further analysis of this question as compared to other question indicated that resondents with a strong market loyalty had a disconnect with their market when it comes to conveying health and ingredient information. Some marked this question as STRONGLY and others noted that aisles are not well lit, too narrow to comfortable read and examine labels. Further questions lead to our intpepretation that the lack of lighting and small print labels lead to the lack of willingness to reach beyond products that the consumer already regularly purchases or is already familiar with. The one exception is the BOGO or Buy One Get One FREE promotions that are offered by some markets. Survey respondents indicated that the BOGO offers lead them to purchasing beyond personal product familiarity.

We have spent six years doing market research, developing our icon, developing food group lists and obtaining search engine rankings for various high fructose corn syrup free search engine queries for article, image and other search categories. We believe that NOW is the time to move to market as time pressed consumers are becoming more health conscious shoppers and desire to be educated about ingredients. Pleae contact us now to start your instore trials and increase customers loyalty to your market, your market brands all while increasing profit.

Our icon and our mission does not focus on bashing High Fructose Corn Syrup as an ingredient, our focus is to make locating products that are free of high fructose corn syrup a less burdonsome task on the consumer who seeks to avoid this sweetener.

It is our belief that markets can increse revenues and market loyalty using our mnemonic icon at their shelf POP. We invite you to perform an in store trial using our icon at POP positioning and experience the poower of displaying our as a silent salesperson.

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