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no high fructose corn syrup cereals


Use our list to find cereals that are high fructose corn syrup free. Be sure to confirm your selection at the market shelf as some cereal products may change their ingredients. We urge product manufacturers to adopt the use of our uniform button for placement on their cereals front labels that do not contain high fructose corn syrup but until that time confirm your selections and report any cereals that may be on our list yet may have slipped the syrup into their ingredients to us by clicking HERE to email us.

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Before High Fructose Corn Syrup began sneaking into food products it used to be simple. Products would proudly label themselves caffeine free, saccharin free, sugar free, gluten free, etc., yet now, the long confusing term of high fructose corn syrup has made trouble. The name high fructose corn syrup is almost as confusing as the syrup itself.

When looking for a caffeine free, gluten free or sugar free product all that we need to do is look at the front label and it is typically proudly announced on the front "Caffeine Free", etcetera. We adapt to this pattern language and learn what products are without caffeine and instinctively make choices that are correct. As consumers we have never needed to refer to the item as without caffeine or no caffeine as caffeine free rolled smoothly off of our tongues and the confusion was minimized. To me it seems simple, I desire to purchase products that are High Fructose Corn Syrup free or HFCS free. I don't think to say that I desire cereals without High Fructose Corn Syrup or without HFCS, or that do not contain high fructose corn syrup, this seems to be cumbersome and confusing yet others refer to these cereals in this manner. The pattern language of food product labeling is beginning to go off path, providing further confusion.

Many products proudly announced on their label that they are caffeine free, sugar free, gluten free and other natural substance free. The lack of a front label announcement for products that are high fructose corn syrup free with a standardized logo such as the HFCS FREE banner button may be due to the fact that High Fructose Corn Syrup is not natural yet is a highly processed substance. According to The Atlantic, the FDA never defining natural for processed food labeling purposes which furthers the confusion. My common sense definition eliminates does not allow high fructose corn syrup as it is a processed and is no longer a cereal of the earth.

Many processed food manufactures offer several cereals within the same cereal group so making the 'does not contain HFCS' or 'no high fructose corn syrup' or 'high fructose free' announcement on one label may appear to shame their other cereal offerings that do contain high fructose corn syrup by drawing attention to them. This thought process may adversely affect their cereals that contain high fructose corn syrup. It breaks down to this, the food manufacturer's industry may be concerned that there will be a backlash against their cereals. Most cereal manufacturers do typically respond to public pressure when they see fit, to prevent a backlash yet with high fructose corn syrup the manufacturers are in a position that they feel is unique and are happy with the status quo. They don't understand that many consumers only desire to be able to readily locate the high fructose corn syrup free products that they desire and are not interested in shaming them for offering other products that do contain HFCS.

So how do we help the manufacturers of cereals that both do and do not contain high fructose corn syrup in their ingredients feel comfortable placing a banner on the front of their cereals that do not contain the syrup? The precedence that has been set over the last 50 years in cereal labeling should be followed by referring to these cereals as being high fructose corn syrup free or for short, high fructose free, and HFCS FREE. This is sensible, will eliminate any associated label shame as it is following the pattern language of the processed food labeling industry.

As consumers we are concerned with the cereals that we consume, we are not looking to start a backlash, we will leave that to the scientists and reporters on television. Our concern is to easily locate the cereals that we desire to purchase and ensure that cereal options that are high fructose corn syrup free or without high fructose corn syrup are readily available.

It will not be until consumer demand prompts cereal manufacturers to provide a uniform button label on the front of their cereals in a visible placement that we see this action happen. As consumers we do not shame cereals that are not organic and do not contain the organic button yet we cherish the cereal options that are proudly labeled as organic in a readily recognizable format. To be easily informed and be able to quickly make cereal selections by finding foods that are made without high fructose corn syrup is the goal of HighFructoseFree.com and its list and upcoming search tools.

The concept that the more rare a cereal is, the more value it has to it comes to mind when I search the market shelves for high fructose free cereals. Is there a mindset that consists in the food producers industry that dictates that limited offerings of cereals that do not contain high fructose corn syrup provide added value to those offerings? After all, when the list of ingredients is limited to five natural cereals the cereal easily makes it from the market shelf to my pantry without any angst over the slight increase in price over the alternative. With one limited offering I can be made very happy, especially if I do not have to spend excessive time locating it in the market.

I have heard the phrases cereals that do not contain high fructose corn syrup, cereals with no high fructose corn syrup, cereals free of high fructose corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup free cereals, cereals without high fructose corn syrup, cereals without the ingredient high fructose corn syrup, cereals that do not contain high fructose corn syrup, cereals that are not made with high fructose corn syrup, cereals that are not sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and more. Additionally this is sometimes simplified by using the contraction HFCS in lieu of high fructose corn syrup. This results in a possibly simplified yet probably more complicated terminology resulting in cereals that do not contain HFCS, or cereals with no HFCS, cereals free of HFCS, HFCS free cereals, cereals without HFCS, cereals without the ingredient HFCS and more. Terms that I have heard yet are not so global are reduced HFCS or reduced high fructose corn syrup and low HFCS or low high fructose corn syrup.

When a consumer sees the word NO on a label an immediate message is sent, no means no, stop, retreat, do not, etc. The word no has a stand alone meaning that no matter what the remainder of the statement is the immediate connotation is negative. I recall seeing Hunt's ketchup with a giant corn colored yellow banner across the front that read "No High Fructose Corn Syrup" in a modern green color. The word NO was underlined on the banner drawing further attention to it. I immediately wondered how this wording slipped through the quality control department? I understood that the ketchup inside of the bottle was a product that I was looking for yet the NO and the oddly colored yellow banner background lead me to select another high fructose free ketchup from the shelf. To date the yellow banner is removed from this product yet the word No is still displayed on the Hunt's label.

There never was a class that taught us high fructose corn syrup terminology. In the early 1970's Pre-High Fructose Corn Syrup society sugar was the principle sweetener in the American diet. With cheap subsidized corn being available sweetener made from corn is now the principle sweetener for processed food cereals and that sweetener is High Fructose Corn Syrup. Without our knowledge it just sneaked up on us and into almost every food item imaginable. During the 1970's cereal manufacturers discovered that high fructose corn syrup was a cheap sweetener that could replace natural sugar as a sweetener and profits skyrocketed. Slipping the syrup into the cereals became almost seamless, possibly the switches were made in increments over time so that the difference in taste was not detected. As in the new coke, classic coke scenario, this may have not been so seamless.

Today food cereals that are manufactured with HFCS are typically high calorie foods which can be sold at cheaper prices due to the abundance of subsidized corn and the resulting High Fructose Corn Syrup. The recipe was to replace expensive natural ingredients such as sugar with HFCS, the price to produce the cereal was reduced yet the market shelf price continued to increase and profits soared.

So the jury is in on the proper terminology to use when requesting or discussing high fructose corn syrup. Following the pattern language of the labeling industry and calling these cereals high fructose corn syrup free should be used to prevent confusion and provide a standard for future discussions and cereal selections.


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cereals with no high fructose corn syrup cereals

To spotlight your high fructose corn syrup cereals product or add it to our list of high fructose corn syrup free cereas or granola options please send us a categorized, itemized list of your hfcs free hot or cold cereal items that meet the requrement of being free of high fructose corn syrup.


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Following product review, all unopened hfcs free cereal samples will be donated to charity.

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Reaching for a handful of granola evokes mental imagery that frankly used to be pure and unadulterated. This imagery has become sticky and cloudy in recent years as high fructose corn syrup has dripped its way into our pure grain granolas, causing consumers to pause, strain their eyes, and possibly use a magnifying glass to make sure it has not slipped into their favorite brand or variety. A modern shoppers trip to the market can be a headache evoking experience. Reading the labels to be sure that you and your loved ones are not consuming high fructose corn syrup can cause agony beyond belief. Finding products with no high fructose corn syrup should not be a painful experience. Searching the list of products on highfructosefree.com is one solution to the pain of marketing.

More granola imagery brings to mind that consumers who reach for granola typically make healthy selections, avoiding additives and preservatves at all costs. By now you may be starting to wonder what the development meetings at the producers of granolas that contain high fructose corn syrup were like. The discussions may have included phrases such as "they are active and don't typically have time to read the label" or "the word granola leads consumers to believe that they don't need to read the label" or better yet "since we don't have a cartoon charachter on the label the consumers will assuem that they don't need to read the label". Personally, I have been tricked on more than one occasion by the pretty images of grain or fresh fruit on a label while shopping for cereals without high fructose corn syrup. I have always enjoyed reading the cereal box at breakfast and in recent months have been casually reading the label as I eat my cereal only to discover that the pretty box has tricked me, discovering that high fructose corn syrup is in the ceareal that I was currently eating.

Consumers can no longer judge the cereal box by its cover, the label must be read to be certain that the cereal contains a list of ingredients without high fructose corn syrup. For example I feel comfortable selecting a General Mills cereal as General Mills proudly advertises that all of their breakfast cereals are high fructose free. This level of comfort comes with a level of fear as we all have products that we used to enjoy that were at one time high fructose free and then one day the manufactures began sliping it in. As I write this article I wonder if one day I will have to edit it to remove this statement of comfort as there is always the possibility that General Mills will find the need to change thier recipe on my favorite breakfast cereal and slip the syrup in.

I hope taht the lists provided on HighFructoseFree.com help many consumers more easily locate products that do not contain high fructose corn syrup.

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